About Me

[Personal Information]
My name is Danielle but people often call me Dani. I am twenty-three and recently graduated from Boston University with a degree in English and Public Relations. I work at a small PR/Advertising agency right outside of Boston, and love ever minute of it.

I started Overflowing Shelf in June 2010 to share my love of reading YA c with other people. This blog is for my enjoyment and because I  love the amazing community that is associated with blogging, especially the YA community. I am frequently active on twitter and have a slight addiction to it. You can find me on twitter here. Besides reading, I am avid hockey fan, particularly of my school's men's ice hockey team (Go Terriers!) and have found myself becoming a Bruins fan. If you want to hear me talk about hockey and my crazy antics you can follow my other twitter account here.

[Contact Information]
If you would like to get in contact with me for any reason my email is overflowingshelf@gmail.com.