Review Policy

I do not review every book I read, but I try to review as many as I possibly can. I try to post reviews as soon as possible, but life sometimes gets in the way and that is not always possible. For ARCS, I try to post my reviews within a few weeks of the book being released. I cannot guarantee that I will read every book, if I do not finish a book I will often not mention it on my blog unless I read more than half the book.

I review books on a 5 star scale. Each star rating:

5 Stars - OMG! This book was amazing!!! How soon is too soon to reread? I will become a book bully for this book and recommend it to random people on the street.
4 Stars - This book was really good. I really enjoyed it. I'll be rereading in the future. I would recommend it.
3 Stars - This book was okay. It wasn't amazing but wasn't horrible. Didn't leave a huge impression on me. Get it from the library if you want to read. May or may not recommend.
2 Stars - This book was meh. I didn't enjoy it that much. I wouldn't recommend it.
1 Star - I did not like this book at all. Can I have my time back? I definitely wouldn't recommend it.
DNF - Did not finish this book. I attempted and read at last half, but just could not finish.

Book Subjects of Interest:

  • Young Adult Fiction: I basically read anything that is YA fiction, no matter what the genre. I really love fantasy, dystopian, historical fiction, chick lit, contemporary and paranormal fiction. My two favorites are fantasy and contemporary.
  • Fantasy: I love fantasy in general, so anything fantasy is great.
  • Middle Grade: I don't read middle grade often, but if it's something interesting I sometimes do read it.
I usually do not read non-fiction or much adult fiction. If a book is in a series, I prefer to read a series in order, and read the whole series instead of just one or two of the books.

I do have an ereader. I currently have a Nook and do accept ebook and PDF ARCS.


If you send me a request for a book that I state here I do not read, I will not respond back to your email. I just do not have time for books that do not interest me.

[The FTC Disclaimer]
I am in no way compensated for any reviews of review copies I receive from publishers, agents and authors. I receive review copies in return for an honest, fair review.

This review policy will be updated when I see fit. It is subject to change.